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Welcome home, beautiful.

I’m a life coach who works with powerful women that are ready to change the game, while making a name for themselves as visionaries. 

I know the feeling of being muddled down in excuses, fear, and shame about why you can’t possibly succeed or change your life, convincing yourself that if you stay in that soul-sucking relationship or job for just a for a few more months, than you’ll finally “be ready” to quit. But I’ve got news for you, girl- you already have what it takes to make it on your own terms! You just need to find the belief in yourself to do it. Luckily, action-inspired motivation is my jam! 

You know you’re a badass, but you feel like an imposter when you say it. You have a message, but you can’t quite figure out how to say it. You have the drive, but somehow you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed every time you sit down to work on your website.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know the feeling of living in the shadows and playing small, because you’re afraid of being laughed at, judged, cast aside, or failing altogether. I called that place of self-doubt home for years. But, I realized that life would never get better unless I made the climb over the fence to get to the other side.

You deserve so much more than a mediocre life. I’m here to tell you that your dreams are more than possible, in fact, they’re already within reach.

The bottom line? If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. If you’re ready to work through your subconscious self-sabotage, I’m here to show you the way.

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Interested in working together? Here are my packages, designed with you in mind:

Private 1:1 Coaching

Private 1-1 Coaching- 4 Month Empowerment Mentorship

If you’re looking to create the most impactful, lasting change in your life through coaching, private 1-on-1 coaching is your ticket. I reccomend this form of coaching for those who are looking to create major, sweeping changes in multiple areas in their lives simultaneously, and who are ready to do the work involved to get there. I work with clients in this capacity for 3 months. I design each private program around the individual, their desires, goals, and needs.

What People Are Saying: 


“I had a 30 min coaching call with Erin McKelle and just wanted to tell the world (the campfire) how fucking wonderful it was. I was pretty skeptical about the world of business coaching, especially from a stranger, but that quick half hour was so beneficial!

She focuses on breaking down people’s limiting beliefs and we have definitely identified mine. I am now really conscious of what little voices I have in my head that need to STFU so that I can make some breakthroughs with my business.

If anyone feels they have hit a brick wall in their business, I really recommend hitting Erin up!”

Annabel Britton

Entreprenuer, Good Times Co.

“OK let me just brag about Erin McKelle <3 I just had my Birth Chart Astrology Reading with her. (Side Note: Prior to this I thought Astrology was kinda cool and I definitely resonated with being an Aries but that was about as much as I knew lol.)

I TRULY cannot believe the insight I just received. My mind is blown and everything literally made so much sense. Everything from what I am seeking, what people see me as, what I need most, what I constantly struggle with and even what skills I have that I am not harnessing came out during our 1 hour session.

If you have any interest in learning way more about yourself through astrology PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact her because literally every other word out of my mouth was like “Omg. Yes. Yes. That’s Me. Yes.”

You’re so cool Erin McKelle!”

Dia Marie

Sales and Success Coach, Dia Marie

“FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME I AM SPEECHLESS AND IN AWE FROM THIS COACH. Yes… THAT is right. If you haven’t seen or heard her yet, I am telling you RIGHT NOW this woman is about to take the coaching world on in a whole new direction. CHECK HER OUT and get the real ins and outs of your business and discover why it is you do the things you do in business.”

Courtnaje AKA Courtney Nicole Good

Business Coach & Ladyboss, Coached By Courtney

“Erin really opened my eyes to the ways that I need to honor my process and work in a way that works for me. I DON’T need to have 26 projects actively open in the pipeline at one time – I can think about them, but I don’t have to take action on them right away. Her reading gave me clarity about how to proceed in my business in a way that’s going to feel good and that’s going to keep me motivated from beginning to end with my projects. I don’t throw this word around a lot because it’s overused, but her reading was 100% life-changing for me. There are those before/after moments in life and I’ve found a new one “before I did my business astrological reading with Erin and after I did my business astrological reading with Erin.” This should be absolutely mandatory for anybody who is getting into business, feeling lost in their business, or wanting to know how to play up their strengths and be aware of their weaknesses. I literally can’t say enough good things about Erin and her reading or recommend it enough. This was by far the best money that I’ve spent in my business and I would confidently have paid 10x that for the value that I received during our intensive.”

Erika Ashley

The Manifesting Queen/Mindset Coach, Erika Ashley

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