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You may have a very specific problem that you’re dealing with in your life, from relationships that feel icky, to a job that you know isn’t right for you. You also probably want to solve this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible, right? If the “you” I just described sounds like “you” the reader, then my astrology intensives are a great option for you, where we’ll tackle

What you can expect to take away from an intensive:

– Gaining specific tools & strategies to confront your roadblocks that you can take with you long after this problem is solved

– Learning what internal limiting beliefs are holding you back from reaching your true potential

– An introduction to your personal brand of self-care

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However you’re looking to gain clarity, I offer 2 intensive options, one for business-related matters and one more geared towards personal relationships & challenges. This way, you can gain the proper insight and technique best suited for you, to be able to apply the principals of your astrology to better the outcomes in your life.

90 Minute Astrology Intensive: Be Introduced To YOU:

Gaining clarity on who you are, what you do best, how to best do it, and why you should even give a damn to begin with are the foundational pieces of entrepreneurship. Without this, you’re not going to be able to understand or replicate your success, nor triumph over your failures.

That’s why I’m offering you an intensive that busts through all the blocks and takes down all of the doors. You’re going to learn about yourself and your divine destiny inside and out, from relationships, to your money blocks, your career prospects, and more. I’ll use your birth chart as a medium to intuitively read into your energy and guide you towards your highest potential.

You’ll walk away with:

– Complete birth chart analysis, including houses, planets, qualities, & elements

–  A copy of your birth chart complete with easy labeling for you to keep forever

–  Clarity around your purpose and what how the divine is calling to you

–  Coaching strategy around mindset, self-care, and relationships

– A customized mindset practiced designed around your unique astrological alignment

– One, 90-minute intensive via phone or Zoom

–  A copy of your birth chart complete with easy labeling for you to keep forever

–  A written out mindset practice and follow-up email assessment, complete with notes and systems laid out on the call

–    Resources and access to my personal library of coaching materials, that are only accessible to clients

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Astrological All-Star Assessment:

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to use astrology to better their business, my assessment package is a perfect fit for you. Designed with the entrepreneur in mind, I will do a comprehensive audit of your business, self-care, systems, and more, to see where you need to re-align and shift gears according to your natural astrological alignment. Instead of trying to force yourself to fit into the box, I’m going to show you how you can make the box fit you and your strengths, so that you can reach your highest potential in sales. This is also a great package for anyone looking for guidance in an upcoming launch or new direction in business, as I will map out the best specific dates for you to take action.


–  60 minute call with analysis of your social media strategy, offers, self-care, mindset, and more, according to your unique astrological footprint, where you’ll get informed strategy, tips, ideas, and action steps to get you to the next level of your business
– A copy of your birth chart complete with easy labeling for you to keep forever

– 30 minute follow-up call to hold you accountable and delivery additional strategy and support towards your big moves in biz

– Email support for one week following your call (response within 24 hours)

One 90 Minute Coaching Call

During the course of 90 minutes, I’ll give you a full birth chart reading, complete with your Sun, Moon, & Risings Signs, planetary placements, houses, Midheaven & Path of Fortune placements, Qualities, Elements, and more, that we will then use for the second half of the call to implement specific strategy towards self-care, business, finances, relationships, and more. I believe in using a holistic style of coaching that involves looking into the WHOLE person, which includes your habits, beliefs, self-care, emotional body, and intuition.

A Copy Of Your Birth Chart

I’ll create a customized copy of your birth chart for you that you will get to keep forever! It comes complete with easy to read labeling to take out any and all astro confusion.

Follow Up Assessment & Mindset Practice

In order to help you move forward into empowerment after our intensive, I’ll send you a complete outline of the notes I took during our call, the action steps and strategies you’re going to implement going forward, as well as a customized mindset practice based on your zodiac alignments.

Access To My Private Resource Library

In addition to the customized plans I’ll be sending you, I will also give you access to my library of resources from all work I’ve done past and present, that’s only available to my private clients.

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