“What are you doing?” “Are you crazy?!” “This is embarrassing.” “You’re such a loser.” “Look at how much easier x’s life is compared to yours, you’re doing everything wrong.”

It’s easy to allow your ego to control your actions.

It’s even easier to buy into its justifications as to why.

What’s difficult? Trusting in your internal guidance. Knowing that the right moves for you might look scary, bad, or humiliating to the outside world, but doing it anyway. Allowing your feelings to guide the decisions you make, rather than your mind.

But that’s what trusting in the process is all about- no one said it was easy.

When you go for it in life, when you do the thing that’s calling to you when you make the moves that are uncomfortable, when you say your truths no matter who might overhear, that’s when you really trust in the process. Because you are surrendering your need for control and trusting that the universe has got you. That there’s a greater plan behind it all and that you’re going to get there, because goddammit you trust in your vision for your life.

You trust that it might not come easy, that there’s some shit you need to work through along the way. That sometimes good thing come in the ugliest of packages. That you will always be okay, even when you’re scared shitless.

Trusting in the process means you trust in yourself, your true self, no matter what. That you don’t allow your ego’s noise to penetrate your ears. That you can hear it and send it on its merry way because YOU run the show around here.

Trusting in the process means that love is your compass. It means you don’t live in fear because you don’t even invite it.

Are you going to trust? Are you going to allow yourself to break free of the chains you’ve been holding yourself in?

It’s time to break free.

It’s time to let go.

It’s time to just be.

It’s time to fucking trust in the process.

It’s time.

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